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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How does Senior Transitioning Services charge for its services?

A.  We really tailor our services to your unique needs and desires.  We begin with a free, no-obligation meeting to determine what those needs are and how we might contribute.  Based on that conversation, we will give you a pricing proposal to be agreed upon by both parties.  This is generally a flat fee as opposed to an hourly one.

Q.  Can my family do any of the work ourselves?

A.  Absolutely.  Senior Transitioning Services will do as little or as much as needed.

Q.  Do you help with urgent moves on short notice? 

A.  Often!  Please give us a call so we can talk it through.   

Q.  I don't really plan on moving but would like some help "downsizing" or "rightsizing" in my home.  Can you help me?

A.  Of course!  Our team sees clients regularly for this kind of work on a short-term or a long-term basis.

Q.  I already moved but still could use some help getting settled or with downsizing.  Can you help me?

A.  Sure!  Our team also sees clients regularly who need a little help with "move recovery."

Q.  Do you help with emptying homes after a move has taken place?

A.  Yes!  Dealing with "what to do with all this stuff" is a regular part of our services whether we helped with the move or not.

Q.  Do you work for a particular senior living community?

A.  Great question.  Senior Transitioning Services works only on behalf of our clients regardless of where they call home.  We have no financial relationship with any of our colleagues or partners, such as senior living communities, realtors, tag sale companies, etc.  We do, however, help our clients find the best partners to meet their needs and work together with them as a team.  We are, of course, insured and bonded. 


Q.  What if I live out of state and I am trying to manage this from far away?

A.  This is a common occurrence and one where we can be especially helpful!  You can be kept up to date each step of the way.  And as we coordinate with other professionals, you will be very involved in the entire process. 

Q.  What areas do you cover?

A.  Our work is mostly in Polk and the surrounding counties, but we have moved clients within all of Iowa and to and from out of state as well. 

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